2 * RapidIO interconnect services
3 *
4 * Copyright 2005 MontaVista Software, Inc.
5 * Matt Porter <mporter@kernel.crashing.org>
6 *
7 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
8 * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
9 * Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
10 * option) any later version.
11 */
13#include <linux/device.h>
14#include <linux/list.h>
15#include <linux/rio.h>
17#define RIO_MAX_CHK_RETRY 3
18#define RIO_MPORT_ANY (-1)
20/* Functions internal to the RIO core code */
22extern u32 rio_mport_get_feature(struct rio_mport *mport, int local, u16 destid,
23 u8 hopcount, int ftr);
24extern u32 rio_mport_get_physefb(struct rio_mport *port, int local,
25 u16 destid, u8 hopcount, u32 *rmap);
26extern u32 rio_mport_get_efb(struct rio_mport *port, int local, u16 destid,
27 u8 hopcount, u32 from);
28extern int rio_mport_chk_dev_access(struct rio_mport *mport, u16 destid,
29 u8 hopcount);
30extern int rio_lock_device(struct rio_mport *port, u16 destid,
31 u8 hopcount, int wait_ms);
32extern int rio_unlock_device(struct rio_mport *port, u16 destid, u8 hopcount);
33extern int rio_route_add_entry(struct rio_dev *rdev,
34 u16 table, u16 route_destid, u8 route_port, int lock);
35extern int rio_route_get_entry(struct rio_dev *rdev, u16 table,
36 u16 route_destid, u8 *route_port, int lock);
37extern int rio_route_clr_table(struct rio_dev *rdev, u16 table, int lock);
38extern int rio_set_port_lockout(struct rio_dev *rdev, u32 pnum, int lock);
39extern struct rio_dev *rio_get_comptag(u32 comp_tag, struct rio_dev *from);
40extern struct rio_net *rio_alloc_net(struct rio_mport *mport);
41extern int rio_add_net(struct rio_net *net);
42extern void rio_free_net(struct rio_net *net);
43extern int rio_add_device(struct rio_dev *rdev);
44extern void rio_del_device(struct rio_dev *rdev, enum rio_device_state state);
45extern int rio_enable_rx_tx_port(struct rio_mport *port, int local, u16 destid,
46 u8 hopcount, u8 port_num);
47extern int rio_register_scan(int mport_id, struct rio_scan *scan_ops);
48extern int rio_unregister_scan(int mport_id, struct rio_scan *scan_ops);
49extern void rio_attach_device(struct rio_dev *rdev);
50extern struct rio_mport *rio_find_mport(int mport_id);
51extern int rio_mport_scan(int mport_id);
53/* Structures internal to the RIO core code */
54extern const struct attribute_group *rio_dev_groups[];
55extern const struct attribute_group *rio_bus_groups[];
56extern const struct attribute_group *rio_mport_groups[];
58#define RIO_GET_DID(size, x) (size ? (x & 0xffff) : ((x & 0x00ff0000) >> 16))
59#define RIO_SET_DID(size, x) (size ? (x & 0xffff) : ((x & 0x000000ff) << 16))